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I’m not getting expected speeds, what can I do?

There are a number of things that can cause your network speeds to slow down. The type of hardware, web browser, and applications or programs running on your device can impact speeds.

If you have our 1 GIG plan and are conducting a test, keep this in mind: Not all computers are designed to handle gigabit speeds! An average computer might show a speed test slower than 500 Mbps, even when we are actually feeding you a full GIG (1,000 Mbps). If you want that speed test pin to hit near the 1 GIG mark though, we suggest that you have at least an i5 processor, a Gigabit Network Interface Card (NIC), and 8GB of system memory.

On wireless or WiFi, you may not experience the full speed. Signal interference or solid objects, such as walls, can impact WiFi signal. Try determining the best location for signal strength, or stay close to the wireless router within your residence.

I want to run a speed test. Which site should I use:

When performing a speed test, it is best to directly connect your computer to the Ethernet wall outlet. Be sure that you are using Ethernet cables that are CAT 5e or CAT 6 (typically marked on the cable).

Visit speedtest.gigamonster.net and click “Begin Test.” If you use another speed test site, traffic/communication will leave our fiber network, which may impact the test result.

Do I need a cable modem?

No. Your unit is pre-wired for an Ethernet connection. You can either plug your computer directly into the Ethernet wall outlet or connect a wireless router to the outlet for wireless/WiFi connectivity.

What is the Lifetime Price Guarantee?

Our commitment to you is that pricing for your GigaMonster Internet service will not change or increase while a customer. No rate increases.
Note: The Lifetime Price Guarantee is void if you move, disconnect, or if any portion of your account balance becomes past due. Price Guarantee covers the advertised price and does not include taxes, fees or other charges.


Does GigaMonster Internet come with a Wireless Router?

Depending on the community, new customers may have the option to receive our Monster WiFi service at no additional cost. With this, you’ll get to use one of our AC dual band wireless routers, and we’ll even setup your wireless network for you. If you opt into our Monster WiFi service, you simply need to return the equipment upon disconnection, with a pre-paid shipping label that we will provide, to avoid a non-return fee.

I can’t connect to WiFi or get online. What should I do?

1. Ensure that all cables are connected, not loose and connected to the proper location. For example, Ethernet cables are plugged into the right jack for input to wireless router from wall and so on. The monster gets crazy and connections become loose.
2. Reset the wireless router by unplugging the power cord. Wait 30 seconds then reconnect and wait for wireless connectivity.
3. Connect directly to the wall outlet and your computer using Ethernet cable and bypass the router to ensure there is not a problem with the router.
4. If none of these are effective, please contact us at 844.444.2248 for assistance.


Where can I find my subscription ID or account number?

Your account number (aka subscription ID) should have been on the welcome email that you received when you signed up. It should also be located on the bottom of your billing statement.

How do I access the online billing portal?

There is a link to manage your account on the bottom of your billing statement. You should have also received an email with link when signing up. This will also be available on gigamonster.net coming soon.